Adresse: Riesstr. 67, 80993 München-Moosach

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Companies around, Leisure etc.

(only a few mentioned. There are many around): BMW AG, Conrad Elektronik, Saturn Hansa, Oracle Computer, Galeria Kaufhof, Karstadt Warenhaus AG, O2, Knorr Bremse, Huawai and more

Leisure time The building has good access to the Olympic parc with amenities such as swimming (Olympic-swimming hall), ice skating hall, tennis, many running routes and more. The parc begins at the east door of the shopping center. Thanks to excellent underground connection to the city, all amenities of Munich city can be reached within 20-30 minutes easily.

Travellers by train with CityOption printed on their ticket, can travel to the appartement without additional charge. All stations around the appartement are in the inner circle of the tarif-system which means low ticket costs for trips to the city center.

ATMs (Cash machines) for nealy all banks/creditcards are located inside the Shopping Center. Since the shopping center closes at 8 pm, some machines are available 24h outside or in a special unlocked area of the center.

Environment, Distances:

Nearly everything is available in the Olympic Shopping Centre, which can be reached by elevator from apartment directly to the shopping level. All details about the shopping centre with the most visitors in Bavaria can be found on the website (please be aware: when clicking the link, a new window opens and users leave CityRooms24 website):

After closing time of the shopping centre at around 20h, Italian, Greek, Fast Food - restaurants are around in walking distance. For 24h shopping is a petrol station a few minutes by foot away.

 Time tables and more about the local transportation can be found here:

 Distance, Travel Times_

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App 1 by foot by car by public

taxi stop < 5 min

Undergr. line 1+3 < 5 min

bus < 5 min

central station
12min  (7km) 10 min
Muc Airport
30 min (37 km) 38 min
Munich fair
25 min (20 km) 34 min
Allianz Arena
15 min (11 km) 30 min

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